Traditional South Tyrolean Inn

Traditional South Tyrolean Inn near Vipiteno

The perfect place to commit gluttony

Sometimes virtue and sin are closer than you think… just a few steps away, to be precise. Just cross the church square and enter our restaurant, take a quick glance at the menu and… you’ve already committed gluttony. As a South Tyrolean Inn we like to delight you with typical South Tyrolean dishes, the result of a long local culinary tradition.

How to commit gluttony in Maria Trens? It’s simple: just enjoy the culinary specialities of the Eisack Valley – tasty grandma’s recipes, classic dishes from the South Tyrolean and Mediterranean cuisine and new, refined interpretations of traditional specialties. The ingredients come from our immediate surroundings – from our garden and from farmers and producers we appreciate and know personally. Nature helps us create the menu we serve you, which will consist of seasonal products, of the game roaming the forest, of the products harvested from the fields as well as from our garden and orchard. To accompany your meal, we’ll serve you wines from the best wineries in the region.
Because, let’s be honest … it would be a sin not to commit a sin of gluttony!

Take a look at our menu – you won’t regret it!

Breakfast Homemade elderberry juice Leichte Gerichte im Gasthaus Post Ribes Herbs in the own garden

South Tyrolean Inn and à-la-carte Restaurant

Opening hours:
From Sunday to Thursday 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Evening menu by reservation from 6.30 p.m to 8:30 p.m.
closed on Friday & Saturday
Table reservation: +39 0472 64 71 24

Apricot dumplings with custard
Kalbsrückensteak Gasthaus Post

Gluttony in Maria Trens …

  • Our cuisine
    As members of the South Tyrolean Inn group, we are completely committed to turning traditional dishes into creative and modern interpretations, prepared with fine, regional and seasonal ingredients. Several times a year, special promotional weeks are held around the themes of Summer veggie kitchen, Thanksgiving and Sunday roast to make culinary customs feelable and tasteable.
  • Fresh, regional & homemade
    In the kitchen we focus on quality and freshness, and on homemade products such as jams, juices and cakes. Many of our ingredients come from our garden and from farmers we know and appreciate.
  • Wine tasting
    Worth a sin: the weekly tour of the palate through South Tyrol’s wine cellars. Our host Karin will offer you a special tasting with a selection of rare and refined wines from the region.
  • Eisacktaler Kost – Culinary weeks in the Eisack Valley
    The Hotel Post has long been one of the venues of the annual “Eisacktaler Kost” culinary weeks. What awaits you: the most delicious specialities of the Eisack Valley!
Vegetables in the garden Salad Aperitif in the garden Dessert Hotel Post Table

Trenser Kropfn – Filled doughnuts from Trens

In almost every village in South Tyrol, filled doughnuts are made according to a different recipe. But they all have one thing in common: the wafer-thin rolled dough with a delicious sweet or savoury filling – and the cook’s claim to own the original recipe! This traditional South Tyrolean speciality is fried in hot fat and only served on special occasions. Usually, depending on the place of origin, South Tyrolean doughnuts differ in their filling: the Trenser Kropfn is filled with ricotta cheese, apples, poppy seeds, grapes and rum. And of course the best doughnuts in Trens are prepared by Helene!

Flour Roll out dough Filled doughnuts Trenser Kropfn - homemade Filled doughnuts Trenser Kropfn - prepared by Helene Trenser Kropfn – Filled doughnuts Poppy seed filling