Our philosophy: what we believe in & care about

Back to the essential

What we believe in and care about is nothing new, it is not a trend. It’s those old values that have always made up hospitality: genuine encounters, a careful service and a deep respect for the needs of our time. And of course, everything that makes us who we are, everything that we care about most and that we love to share with our guests.

Rocking chair Hotel Gasthaus Post Seasoned Salt 1957 Maria Trens
Helene in the garden Seasoned Salt and hiking map 1970 Summer concert - Guesthouse Alte Post

What we care about …

  • Genuine encounters
    Being there for our guests – personally and for everything – makes us feel good and constantly reminds us why we love being hosts sind.
  • South Tyrolean lifestyle
    As part of the “South Tyrolean Inn” group, we focus on the roots and traditions of the South Tyrolean cuisine – from the South Tyrolean Stube to ancient recipes.
  • Past and present
    Our origins as a post office are part of the identity of our hotel, and not just with regard to its name. We are committed to passing on our old tradition to the future.
  • Good friends
    We support local cycles by purchasing many of our ingredients from farmers and producers we know personally and appreciate.
  • Attention to detail
    The Guesthouse Post is not only our heritage, it is much more than that: it is our history, our passion, a place full of beautiful memories from our past.
  • Space for the essentials
    Valuable offline moments, analogue encounters, culinary pleasures, plenty of space to be yourself – the best premises for a great holiday.

For us, tradition is not the goal, but the starting point: a fertile ground on which many good things can still grow and flourish.